Many people in the workforce today are both blessed, and cursed with the opportunity to work non-traditional hours. With more and more former office workers having the chance to telecommute, start their own businesses, or even retire early, our traditional waking and sleeping hours have changed.

For the telecommuter and the small business owner, especially those who conduct business on a world-wide scale, many of our business contacts operate in different time zones than we do, forcing us to be awake and at our desks when our clients, bosses and contacts are also at theirs. Often, this means that telecommuters and small business owners sleep during daylight hours, and work late into the night, or start work later in the day, getting to be early in the morning, and trying to get a good “night’s” rest while the sun is up and shining.

Sunlight streaming through a bedroom window can be a major hindrance to a good rest, and darkening window treatments are often the answer, providing not only relief from the sun’s brightness during the day, but also lowering the ambient temperature in your sleeping space or bedroom, cutting down on the costs to cool your home in the hot summer months while you’re trying to sleep.

Many of us are familiar with the natural rhythms our bodies are used to. We naturally want to sleep when its dark outside, and be awake when its light. For those who must work or otherwise be awake when the sun goes down, this simply isn’t an option.


These problems with proper rest don’t only effect telecommuters and others who work from home. More and more stores, factories and other companies are now operating on a global scale, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This has led to an entire class of people who must find a way to sleep restfully while the sun is streaming through an open window. Many have tried a variety of remedies, and more and more are realizing, custom window treatments not only beautify their homes and the spaces they live in, but are getting more, better, restful sleep simply by the addition of customized window treatments. Room darkening treatments don’t have to darken the room every day, either. With options for hand operated or automated opening and closing, the darkening effect can be applied at your leisure, or even on a schedule according to your needs.

Maggie’s Shutters offers more than just shutters as an option to help get your bedroom, or your entire home darker during daylight hours. We offer options from custom hand crafted wooden shutters, to custom fit blinds, to custom fit window shades to meet a variety of design influences, budgets and customer needs. For more information on getting back your nice comfortable dark bedroom, contact Maggie’s Shutters for a consultation today!



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