Top 5 Colors For Home Decor in 2018

Top 5 colors for Home Décor in 2018

Interior decoration of the house is important to one and all. In order to be totally pleased with the décor of your house, the decorative items, the ambiance, the feel, and even the color scheme, everything has to be just right. The thing is, “just right” is a term that is very subjective. You ask two people, there is a possibility that their answers won’t match, and that is because everyone has an entirely different concept of the perfect décor for their house. Having said that, it is important to note that even though people may have different views about such matters, good is always good and bad is always bad, which means that there are certain trends and certain colors that are definitely categorized as better than some other colors. Therefore, let’s take a look at the top 5 colors for Home Décor in 2018.

• It’s time to go bold:
During 2017, homeowners showed some restraint. In short, they avoid taking risks and opted for simple, yet attractive colors. However, in 2018, they are throwing caution to the wind and taking risks to go with colors that are both – vibrant and bright. Think about RED, deep red, which opens your eyes in the morning and improves your mood throughout the day. That is precisely what every homeowner is going for these days.


• 50 shades of purple:
Purple is an attractive color, there is no doubt about that, but the fact of the matter is, there isn’t just one type of purple color. From ultra-violet to extreme purple, you have a wide range of purple colors to choose from and use for your house. Purple may have a lot of different shades and variations, but when it comes to attractiveness and beauty, its ratings are absolutely spot on.


• Outdoorsy indoors:
Due to our hectic schedules and routine life, not many of us are able to “go outside” and bask in the glory of nature. However, if we can’t “go outside”, how about we bring outside in our houses? Brownish wood-esque colors are all the rage in the industry right now. Handcrafted wood not only gives you that outdoorsy vibe but also calms your mind by providing you that much-needed ME-time.

• Green never goes out of fashion:
Other trends might change, but going green is always the right way to go. Not just residential constructions, but now, huge Multinational corporations are looking to go green by using the color in their brand strategies. Green doesn’t only provide you with that fresh vibe, but it also brings a twinkle to your eyes, calming your nerves and getting you ready for the new day.


• Pink – Breaking one stereotype at a time:
In 2018, Pink will not be categorized as a Feminine color. Besides, there’s no such thing as a feminine color. The calmness and beauty that the color provides, is enough to arouse a hotchpotch of positive emotions.




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