Pet Friendly Window Treatments


Pet-Friendly Window Treatments

Many cases have been reported recently about pet injury while they were playing with certain style window treatments. Would you like your pet to get such injury while playing around your window treatments? Never mind, it was a stupid question, of course, you would love to protect your pet at any cost. You should always pay attention to the awkward movements of your pet because sometimes while playing with certain types of window treatments they might get hurt. We have got some extraordinary tips and tricks for you to avoid such problems and few of them have been enlisted below:

Cordless Blinds is Also one of the Good Options

Yes, it’s simple but still works. You can use cordless blinds in your house to avoid any type of troubles for your pet. Your cordless blinds will leave no chances for your pet in getting entangled which might lead to injury.

I want My Pet To Look Outside Without Damaging My Window Treatments

Yes, there is a technique to leave room for your pet to look outside the window without damaging them. You can use vertical blinds on your windows that will not leave room for your pet to climb on by leaving them up. Pets are always on the lookout for their owners coming home. The wrong type of blinds that may be cheap will most likely be damaged by a curious cat or dog. It’s wise to invest a little more into your window treatments so they last for a long time and are very durable.

Get Interior Window Shutters Installed

Indeed, getting interior window shutters installed in your home is a great idea. In fact, it will totally keep your pets from destroying them. Our Custom Wood Shutters are very durable and come with a 10 Year Warranty. They will give your pets a better view and without any possibility of getting hurt. This is a win win for the whole family. Interested in learning more? Call Us Today at (818)351-2442 for your FREE In Home Consultation or Visit



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