Custom Wood Shutters: Some Available Design Options


Custom Wood Shutters: Some Available Design Options

Want to choose custom wood shutters for your living room, office or the kids room? Or maybe the entire house?

Custom shatters are a great choice, and offer a lot of exciting options that fit the style of your home and perfectly blend in with any piece of home décor. It’s true that they are the most versatile solution for houses of all sizes – and one that guarantees maximum daylight whenever you need, and ultimate protection against any weather conditions.

But what are the best options for custom plantation shutters? In other words, which custom wood shutters design option can you choose for your home?

We are listing some available styles below.

1. The Divided Shutters (Framing/Divider)
This custom shutter choice lets you have a full shutter which opens as one panel and covers the half of the window. It’s a great choice to add some daylight into your home yet keep the privacy on a decent level by closing the half of your window to the outside world.

This custom wood shutter type is a bestseller – and it’s no wonder why. People like to have a half-shutter-half-open window solution that works separately and tailors to their exact needs. Practical, convenient and flexible, it can also work through divider rails – once again, letting you open the top louvers while leaving the bottom ones closed.

2. The Flexible Mounted Option
Did you know that your custom wood shutters can also be mounted outside the window – or its inside?

Actually, our two cents go to mounting your shutters inside as the safer option, mostly when you need to consider a decorative trim or molding around your window. The inside mount connects to your window in a simple way – with a few hinges that are attached directly to the frame which is also known as an “L” frame.

Basically, there are three types of L frames when it comes to inside custom wood shutters, and they mostly differ in their looks. The bottom line is that you can choose whatever you want and have a practical set of shutters ready to give you the best comfort.

If you are not sure which type to choose, our team at Maggie’s Shutters can definitely assist you.

3. Custom Shutters With Louver Sizes
Louvers are custom wood shutters that are slightly bigger in size, varying from 2 ½ “ to 3 ½ “ and 4 ½ “ accordingly. This option is great because it gives a clearer view on the outside compared to the smaller louvers which are on the other hand more proportional for smaller windows

So if you have a small window, small louver sizes are more adequate to it aesthetically, while the bigger ones best fit larger windows.

4. Custom Wood Tilted Shutters
The last design type of custom shutters includes the variety of tilting options. Basically, tilted shutters come with the traditional bar that separates them on half in the middle and lets you open and close them in a second. There are front and rear (hidden) tilts to choose from as well – and it all boils down to your personal preference, taste or style you are aiming at.

A Final Word
Now that you know the four most popular design options for custom wood shutters, you probably have an idea of your covering design. The classic custom wood shutters have always been the best option to put an accent to the vintage appeal of your home and invest into comfort. You can also get really creative by picking some of the designs we featured above – whether you want to give a facelift to your your bedroom, living room or kitchen.

If you have troubles in choosing the style you want, our team of experts at Maggie’s Shutters will help you choose the right type of your home that puts an accent to your home décor and makes your living are a more practical and convenient. Contact us for more details!

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