8 DIY Wall Art Tips

If you are looking to redecorate your home anytime soon then don’t forget to decorate your walls too. Walls are an important part of any room since they are the ones to create the vibe for the whole room. So, dull walls will give off a dull vibes making your rooms look dull altogether. But worry not, there are a lot of interior décor ideas which you can make your walls look interesting. To facilitate you in making your walls interesting and unique, we’ve gathered a list of 8 Do-It-Yourself Wall Art tips, they are:

  • Postcards Wall Art: If you have some old post cards lying around, it’s time to put them to good use. As intuitive as it sounds, Postcards wall art is a collection of colorful postcards which you can arrange on your walls in any order you want.

  • Nail-Head Wall Art: Ever thought Thumbtacks can make a piece of art? Well, they call now. All you need to have is a collection of thumbtacks, either of the same color or different colors and a foamy canvas where you can arrange the thumbtacks to create either an animal, write something astute or simply create any pattern.

  • Clipboard Collection: Another interesting way to decorate your walls is the clipboard collection. To deploy this on your wall, you need to have a quotation or any text in your mind. The number of clipboards you will need will depend upon the number of characters. So, write each character on a piece of paper and attach the paper to a clipboard, repeat this process for the other characters and clipboards. Finally arrange them accordingly on your wall.

  • Flying Books Wall Art: If you have a couple of spare books, consider mounting them on your wall. Open and wall-mounted books will create an esoteric and unique vibe for your room.

  • Quote Wall Art: Consider yourself as a bit of a painter? Well, make use of some watercolors and paint yourself your favorite quotation. Mount it on your wall either framed or unframed.

  • Home-made Watercolor Wall Art: This time instead of painting a quotation with your watercolors, paint your favorite piece of art. You may either see a few samples over the internet or turn on your creative side to paint something out of the box.

  • Autographs Collection: A cool way to fill-in the space of your wall is to put up a big canvas. Ask all your guests and visitors to give their autograph on the canvas, this way you will have a unique piece of art and some amazing memories of your loved ones.

  • Paper Butterflies: Simple yet elegant DIY tip, Paper butterflies on your wall will fill up the space efficiently. All you need to do is to cut white paper in shape of butterflies of different sizes and put them up on your wall. Whether you color them or let them stay as they are, is your choice.



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