7 Tips to Make Your Yard More Private

The yard can be a very private place for many home owners. It is where one can find solitude and peace, after a stress-filled long day. But if even one of your neighbor next door cuts off some trees which are by your yard, you suddenly feel as if your privacy has been violated. This problem is uncommon in larger houses as they are spanned over a large amount of land, but is very common for small houses which might even share the same fence. For those of our readers who are or may face this problem, we have compiled a list of 7 Tips to Make Your Yard More Private, and win your privacy back.

Improvise With a Potted Screen: Who doesn’t like beautiful plants in pots? Well, potted plants can prove to be a very effective solution to bring back privacy to your yard. Nearly all types of plants can be grown in pots and since pots aren’t permanent, they are a great option for renters.
Install Your Choice of Fence: Fences are the easy and the long term solution to ensure the privacy of your personal space. Whether it is a playground, a pool or simply your yard a solid board 6-foot fence will do the required job. Since fences come in different sizes and thickness, you can install the one which perfectly fulfills your requirements.


Install Combination of Lattice and Wood Panels: If you aren’t a big fan of fences, a replacement can be the use of the combination of lattice and wood panels. Although they are suitable to block the view of a spot or two, a large amount of this combination can easily bring your privacy back. Also, lattice panels are quite inexpensive when compared to the other mentioned solutions.
Growing Hedges DOES Help: Hedges are perfect! You can grow them in any shape and of any size. Size matters, as you can grow then as tall as you want to completely block out the view of your yard from the yard of your neighbor next door. Growing a hedge is natural and a very effective solution.


A Faux Hedge Also Does the Job: If you don’t have the amount of time and effort which is required to grow a hedge, then no need to worry, a Faux Hedge can serve your desired purpose. A DIY Faux Hedge requires no water, no pruning and no waiting to become your perfect hedge. Hedge panels can be found of various shapes and sizes, simply select the ones which do the job for you.
Maintain a Corner of Your Space: You might not want to put up with the amount of effort required to cover and secure your whole yard, so another smart idea is to make the lesser effort of covering and securing a portion or a corner of your yard. Personalize the corner by using your favorite plants and shrubs, and save yourself from the effort of covering your whole yard.
Set Up a Pergola: A great investment and a beautiful home improvement; Pergolas can help you build your own outdoor living room. You can make use of outdoor curtains and market lights to transform your not-so-secret yard to a paradise of privacy and seclusion.

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