6 Summer Energy Saving Tips

Looking to spend your summer as an energy saving citizen? Well, there are a lot of energy efficient ways to pass this hot season and beat the heat at the same time. Summer presents us opportunities to save energy by using innovative yet simple ways. And since energy saving is the demand of time, using energy saving tips will help you play your part to make the world a better place too. So, for our avid readers, we have compiled a list of “6 Summer Energy Saving Tips” to help you beat the heat and become a responsible citizen at the same time, they are:

  • Adjust Your Thermostat: Adjusting your thermostat every now and then does save a lot of energy. For suppose, when you are home you can set it to 78 degrees and 85 degrees when you are away. For each degree the thermostat is set above 72 degrees, you save 1-3 percent per degree.

  • Use Microwaves: Cooking on the stove will consume more energy and will give off more heat, making your home hotter. The best way to avoid this is to use Microwaves. Microwaves cook the food faster and doesn’t gives off as much heat as a stove. This allows you to save energy and keep your home cool.

  • Keep the Fridge Full: The fact of your fridge being full keeps it from warming up very fast when the door is opened. This makes your fridge to consume less amount of energy to cool itself again.

  • Keep Usage of Appliances to A Minimum: This tip is intuitive, the less you use appliances, the less will be their energy consumption. Energy efficient lights also make a big difference. They not only save energy but also reduce the output heat.

  • Use Water Heating Efficiently: In summers, water is usually already warm due the heat surrounding water pipes. This fact allows you to heat water only when it’s not up to the temperature level you desire. This simple tip will save you a lot of energy.

  • Window Treatments Can Do Wonders: Window Treatments can really help you become an energy saving citizen. Windows are a major factor for heat control, so window treatments help reduce the heat gain of your home during the day and let the cool breeze of night enter to make your home cooler. Deploying window treatments not only helps you save energy but also make your home look elegant and unique depending upon their variety.

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