5 Hot Summer Color Trends for Your Home

Summer has begun and it’s that time of the year which seems perfect to decorate your home with rich and vibrant colors. Colors are associated with person’s physical and mental state, they have the ability to lighten up the mood of a person or make them dull and bleak. Do It Yourself (DIY) basics of home decorating include the knowledge of colors and the moods they trigger. But you don’t need to worry about all this, we have got you covered! Because if you are looking for some colors that are trending this summer, Here are the 5 Hot Summer Color Trends For Your Home we have selected the most optimal ones for your pleasure:

  • Lipstick Red: Home decorating starts with using colors like Lipstick Red, bold and striking, ready to make a statement for you whether you use it in your living room or bed room, it leaves a lasting impact on guests, tempting them to see every corner of your home.

  • Lemon Yellow: A Lemon Yellow will lighten up your home! It looks fresh and uplifting. Whether you use it for your garden room or dining room, furniture, bed sheets or quilts, it will look stand out to both, the guests and the residents. It goes well with plum and burgundy.

  • Monaco Blue: A color pallet is incomplete without a shade of blue. Monaco Blue, being dark and bold mixes up nicely with shades of Yellow and Orange. Monaco Blue’s quality of being dark and bold is the trend interior design is going towards for the foreseeable future.

  • Emerald Green: Being rich, dynamic and stimulating, Emerald Green enjoys the luxury of working well in both modern and traditional environments. Whether used with house-hold objects, decoration items or simply as the interior for your bathroom, Emerald Green gives out an invigorating vibe.

  • Plain White: No interior design color scheme seems complete with a Plain and Simple White. The simplicity of this color is unarguably the most attractive factor. Plain White is not just a part of the interior design trend, it has been the trend itself. Plain White works great with Custom Wood Shutters. It works well with almost every other color and anywhere in your home.