5 Easy Ways to Stay Cool without AC

Its summer season and the scorching sun is daily out and about. The rise of mercury these days does not mean that you can’t enjoy this beautiful and bright season. Everyone wants to stay cool and clear of the scorching sun, we get it. But why not go eco-friendly this summer? How about avoiding the Air Conditioning all together? Is it even possible to live without Air Conditioning in such high temperatures? Well, the answer is YES! Here, we have sorted together a list of 5 Easy Ways to Stay Cool without AC to provide you some illustrious ideas to beat the heat:

  • Make Use of your Fans: Ditching your Air Conditioning would ultimately mean that you have to turn towards your fans. Whether the fans of your room, your bathrooms or simply the exhaust fan in your kitchen, turn them all ON. Ditching Air Conditioning all together might seem sort of a compromise but do you know that fan are designed to be adjusted seasonally? For a wind breeze effect, set your fan to counter-clockwise at a higher speed then feel the difference.

  • Manipulate your Sheets: Sheets for the summers should be made of thin fabric that makes it easy for you to breathe and not get sweaty. So choose wisely when making a selection to buy new sheets for the summer. Also, a temporary way to stay cool by your sheets can be a smart trick of manipulation, i.e. trying placing your top sheet in a bag and put the bag in the refrigerator for some time. Use them before going to bed, cool isn’t it?

  • Befriend Water and Ice: Drink lots and lots of water to stay cool during your day. Drink the water icy chilled or use the ice in front of a mini-fan and get the pleasure of a cool breeze. Sounds funny but is quite effective.

  • Got a Grill? Use it! Instead of cooking inside the home why not use your grill and make use of the deck of your house? This will keep the heat generated by your red hot grill out of your home so that you enjoy the pleasure of staying cool while inside your home.

  • Window Treatments beat the heat: Window Treatments are the King! Windows are the entry way of to your home, covering them properly during the day with either Shutters, Blinds or Shades is an intelligent idea to keep the heat out of your home. Maggie’s Shutters ( can help you to beat the heat! They specialize in Hand Crafted Wood Shutters, Custom Fit Blinds and Custom Fit Shades, of all colors, designs and styles.

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