With Christmas just around the corner, chances are, you’re thinking about throwing a kickass Christmas party for friends and family. And while everyone wants their party to be as unique as possibly can, the truth is, not everyone is creative enough to throw a Christmas soiree that sets their party, apart from the rest. The key to organizing a wonderful Christmas party is to identify who you’re going to invite. This means if your attendees are going to be family, are they going to be friends, is it going to be a family-friendly party, or is it going to be an all-adult Christmas fest. The answer to this question is the foundation on which all your decisions are based. This all seems a bit too much to take in, right? But fear not dear readers, because Maggie’s Shutters is here to help you plan your Christmas party and blow away the competition. We’re going to tell you about the 5 most amazing Christmas party themes to choose from, this December, and throw a Christmas party for the ages. Without further ado, let’s take a look.

• Everybody’s special:
Everybody has that one unique ability that they are very proud of. Some like to sing, some like dancing like there’s no tomorrow, and some like to show off their candy cane-twirling abilities. In this particular situation, what else should you do apart from giving these fine people a podium to display their skills? All it would take is a Karaoke machine, a few disco lights, and some amazing people to throw the perfect Talent Hunt Christmas party.

• How about a Movie Marathon?
We all have our one favorite Christmas movie, right? Some people like to go to the good old days and watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”, some opt for “Love Actually”, some folks want to watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, and some even like to watch “Home Alone”. In fact, we all one have at least one friend who likes to watch “Die Hard” this time of the year. And with so much to choose from, why would you waste your time trying to figure out which movie you all should watch at the party when you can watch ALL of them? Back-to-back movies will definitely get you in the Christmas spirits.

• Christmas = Presents:
There cannot be a Christmas without presents, in fact, if you go through a Christmas without getting at least a single present, you really need to consider your life choices. How about this Christmas, you get all your family and friends, and instead of organizing a competition of the Best Christmas Present, organize a competition for the Worst Christmas Present.

• Christmas without those embarrassing Sweaters? No way:
Christmas isn’t really complete without those embarrassing ugly sweaters. Don’t hide it, we all have those, and nobody’s judging you, AS OF YET. Organize an ugly sweater Christmas party, where you invite your friends and family, and organize a lighthearted competition for the ugliest Christmas sweater in sight. If the folks aren’t willing to put those sweaters on because they are too embarrassing, up the ante by bribing them with lion’s share of the dessert. That ought to get them buzzing.

• Un pour Tous, Tous pour un:
Nothing displays togetherness better than actually contributing to being together. So when you’re looking to throw a great Christmas party, how about let others contribute to its greatness. How? By having a sweat potluck meal party this December. You can assign specific dishes to specific people, or you can let them choose for themselves, the choices are endless.



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