12 Back To School Tips For 2017


12 Back To School Tips for 2017

August has started which points towards the start of the new school year. For parents, it’s that time of the year when they have to start spending their savings on their children’s school supplies, clothing, etc. To help you get organized before your children’s school starts, we have compiled here a list of 12 Back to School Tips for 2016.

Create a School Supplies List: To enable your kids start off their new school year with the right foot, the first thing parents need to do is to create a school supplies list. The list can include a variety of items including the essentials such as pencils, erasers, sharpeners and a pencil pouch. After creating the list, print it out and keep it with you while you go shopping or order online.

Pre-Decide Clothes for the Week: Allow your kids to choose their whole week’s attire before it starts. This makes you and your children stay ahead of the daily routine for the whole week and avoid last-minute indecisions.

Send Them to Bed Early: From kids to teenagers, all require up to 10 to 12 hours of good sleep before they can start their day with fresh enthusiasm. Therefore, being a parent, it is your responsibility to send them to bed early.

Create a Daily Routine: Creating a daily routine simplifies your children’s daily tasks, they know when to do what and also make plans with their friends accordingly. Instilling this habit of following a routine in your children will help them always stay organized and punctual.

Separate a Lunchbox Cupboard: To stay organized, it’s a great idea for parents to have a separate lunchbox cupboard where you can store lunch boxes, thermoses and snacks for effective accessibility.

Create a Self-Serve Station: Once you have separated a cupboard for lunchboxes, the next step is to create a self-serve station to store a variety of items to fill up your children’s lunchboxes. Nuts, dried fruits, granola bars are among the items which can be stored in your station.

Fix a Homework Area: To make your children do their homework efficiently, fix a comparatively quieter portion of your home as a homework area. Place the essentials like pencils and scratch paper to make the area look more inviting to your children.

Create a Mobile Desk: If your children like to work at different places in your home, a great idea would be to fix up a mobile desk. These desks are made with a simple cardboard box and help to enhance the creativity of your children.

Have a Custom Clock: Custom Clocks are a great DIY project that improves the productivity of your children. You can place customized icons for lunch, dinner, sleeping times, homework time, etc., all of them being drawn by hand.

Avoid Binders: If your children have pages and handouts, avoid them putting in binders because a nicer way is to place them in separate files and create a file system at your home.

Organize Everything in Files: Continuing from the last point, color-coded file folders help your children stay organized. Once you arrange everything in the color-coded file folders, educate your children of the color for each subject to help them remember along the way.

Dedicate a Supply Stash: To avoid late-night freak-outs, always have a stash of school supplies. This will also let you save a lot of money by buying products in bulk.

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