The holiday season has arrived and Christmas is within the next few days so the planning and decorations in every household are at their peak. To make your home look unique and elegant, you must also decorate your windows. There are a number of amazing window holiday decor ideas available on the internet, which should encourage you to decorate your windows. But to make your job of searching marvelous window decoration ideas easier and to educate our readers them, in this post, we have compiled an interesting list of “12 Amazing Window Holiday Decor Ideas”.

1. Idea 1: In order to decorate your windows elegantly, the simplest of the ideas is to hang festive ornaments such as reindeer and pine cones by your window. This idea will do wonders if the ornaments are shiny and portray the true colors of Christmas.

2. Idea 2: Another simple idea to serve as your window decor is to write and draw something interesting with a white marker on your window. To make your windows look cool, it can be anything, as long as it is related to the holidays.

3. Idea 3: Decorated green plants can serve as an amazing decoration for your windows. The decoration for your plants can be objects that relate to the holiday season and Christmas.

4. Idea 4: If you are in a hurry or have less time available to go and buy the right ornaments in order to implement Idea 1, then you can simply make them at home. You can use papers, pieces of cloth among other things that easily available to you. Also, since you are making them yourself at home, try to make them of large sizes so that they are much more noticeable to your family and guests.

5. Idea 5: If you have a few vases then you can use them for decorating your windows. You can place small branches of trees in the vases and surround the vases with lots of pine cones and candles by your window.

6. Idea 6: Instead of hanging ornaments by your windows, you can also make two-dimensional gingerbread houses yourself and hang them as you would hang the ornaments.

7. Idea 7: A great idea to decorate your windows can be to cover them up by pasting hand-cut paper snowflakes of large sizes. It can also become a great project for you and your family to do together.

8. Idea 8: Snowflakes aren’t the only object which can be cut from paper, therefore, if you want to make your window decoration much more elaborate, you can cut a whole evergreen forest and put it by your windows. To add a nice touch to it, you can place a few light hidden within the forest.

9. Idea 9: Another great idea to decorate your windows this holiday is to create a garland of toys and Christmas figures. You can make this project with your children to make them indulge in a nice activity.

10. Idea 10: If you have little time available and want to go with a simple decoration for your windows, then what’s better than evergreen and red ribbon? Hang the evergreens with the red ribbon by your windows and you will be done within minutes.

11. Idea 11: Pinecone garlands can serve as another amazing decoration for your windows. You can paint the pine cones white to add an extra touch and bind them with a red thread. That’s all!

12. Idea 12: One final window decoration idea for this Christmas can be to hang a number of different sized evergreen wreaths with red ribbons by your windows.
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