10 Summer Home Activities for Kids

Summer season for parents means that your kids are going to stay at home during the summer vacations. To keep your kids active and entertained this summer, you need to provide them some simple and Do-It-Yourself activities. Here in this post, we have compiled a list of “10 Summer Home Activities for Kids” which your kids can enjoy this summer:

  • Do-It-Yourself Tarp Game: A fun and interesting DIY game is the tarp game. All you have to do is to cut hole of various shapes and sizes in the tarp, mark each hole with some points and then hang the tarp vertically in your backyard. To play this game, your kids will then throw the ball to pass through the different holes and score points. Taking turns, this game will keep your kids busy for a long time.

  • Outdoor Board Game: With the use of some tape, you can make a board game on your porch or somewhere outdoors. You would write activities such as sing a song, water dance, do the chicken dance in the boxes of the board game. Kids will use a single or a couple of dice, the total score on the dice will determine the steps the player has to move forward and perform the activity written on the box where the player would have stopped.

  • At-Home Bowling Game: A simple yet interesting game is the At-Home bowling game. This game involves pencil erasers as bowling pins and marbles as bowling balls. It has to be played on a smooth card board to ensure that the marble rolls over properly.

  • Sticky Spider web Game: Use of tape to make a spider web like structure and paper balls are all you need to make your kids busy in the sticky spider web activity.

  • Popcorn Olympics: For this simple activity, all you need to do is make a bowl of popcorn, give your kids straws and piece of popcorn each. Then over a calculated distance your kids will blow into their straws to push the piece of popcorn forward, the one whose piece of popcorn covers the distance first, will win!

  • Indoor Camping: To keep your kids indoors, you can deploy indoor camps. Your kids can have fun crafting their own campfire too.

  • Exploding Paint Bags: You can use zip seal sandwich bags, corn starch, vinegar and liquid watercolors to make exploding paint bags. After mixing these materials, you need to seal the bags and shake them really good. They will soon start popping.

  • Stomp Paintings: If you have some leftover bubble wraps lying around then you can provide your kids a fun stomp paintings activity. All you have to do is to cut pieces of bubble wraps in shape of socks, your kids will then wear them and step into a watercolor utensil to make the bubble wrap covered with color. Then place a large piece of white paper on the floor so that your kids can walk on it while wearing their watercolor covered bubble wraps, resulting in stomp paintings.

  • Balloon Ping-Pong: A game of only three materials; a balloon, a couple of Popsicle sticks and a couple of paper plates. Stick the Popsicle sticks to the paper plates to make their combination look like a Ping-Pong paddle. Use a helium filled balloon as your Ping-Pong ball and have hours of fun.

  • Indoor Slides: If you have a staircase at your home, a fun DIY idea is to turn your old cardboard box into a slide and place it on your staircase. This activity will require a lot of parental supervision.

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