Top 9 Reasons to Install Custom Interior Wood Shutters in 2018


Top 9 Reasons to Install Custom Interior Wood Shutters in 2018

Windows are the eyes of your home. These eyes lead the way of a lot of heat, light and unnecessary air into your home, if not properly handled. So comes the use of window treatments, they help us manipulate the incoming light, heat and air. Although each have their own unique and individual properties, shutters seem to stand a class apart from its competitors. So, to help our readers better understand why to choose shutters and specifically wood shutters, we have compiled a list of “5 Reasons to Install Custom Wood Shutters”:

- Better Light and Air Control: Wood shutters once again beats its competitors when it comes to light and air control. The traditional wood shutters are more adjustable than blinds because they allow either light enter and not air, or air enter and not light. This makes wood shutters remarkable and stand out. To make such use of wood shutters, angling the louvers upwards will allow natural light into the room, whereas angling the louvers downwards will allow cool breeze enter without compromising on the lighting of the room.

- Helps Your Home Become Energy Efficient: Wood shutters are environment friendly, they are helpful to control the room temperature especially when there is a bit of plantation around it. This factor eliminates the unnecessary usage of electricity. Wood shutters are suitable for large picture windows or single pane windows because they do not let out a reasonable amount of heat in the winters and a reasonable amount of cool air in the summer.

- Adds Beauty and Worth to Your Home: Customized wood shutters add to the beauty of your home. Depending upon the color scheme of your rooms, or home all together, you can always count on placing customized wood shutters on your windows with appropriate designs and colors. Also, according to the IRS, shutters are the only window treatments which are considered to improve the worth of your home.

- A Wide Variety: Wood shutters come in all the different shapes, designs, sizes and colors. You can have them customized right according to your needs, to match and to add beauty to your home.

- Privacy: Custom Wood Shutters are easily adjustable. Many options to block out unwanted eyes and light.

- Durability: Our Custom Wood Shutters are very durable and built to last. We offer a 10 Year Warranty on all of our Custom Wood Shutters.

- Child Safety: Our Custom Wood Shutters do not have dangling cords or strings that children can get tangled up in, making them a safer alternative to mini-blinds and drapes.

- Low Maintenance: Our Custom Wood Shutters are as maintenance-free as you can get. Use a damp cloth from time to time and wipe off the dirt, dust, and grime. In addition, you don’t need to take them down in order to clean them as you would with other types of window coverings.

- Capital Home Improvement: The IRS considers installing interior shutters a capital improvement on your home. This means tax savings when you sell your home.


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