Do You Need Specialty Custom Wood Shutters For Your Home?

If you answered yes on the title, you’ve also come to the right place. Custom wood shutters are a trending thing now, and our team of experts pride themselves on creating wonderfully looking and incredibly functional custom shutters. We can make shutters that fit homes of all types, sizes and units.

But before we say more about our specialty custom wood shutters and how they can make your California home perfect, let’s explain their benefits.

The Advantages Of Specialty Wood Shutters For Your California Home
You have a lot of different sized windows…But that is okay with us.

Thanks to our custom, specialty wood shutters – your home can now have the best look. Whether it’s an oval, circle, triangle or an octagon shaped window, our specialty shutters definitely tailor to your needs.

A lot of homeowners can’t find the right fit of shutters for their unusual shaped windows. At Maggie’s shutters, we specialize in crafting custom wood shutters and provide you the benefit of keeping your home cool in the summer and keeping the heat inside in the winter.

Thanks to our specialty wood custom shutters in California, you can now invest in an energy-efficient home and save a lot of money on your cooling and heating bills. Not only our custom specialty wood shutters will help you keep the light of the sun away from your interiors, they will also be your best choice for privacy. And let’s face it – privacy is something everyone wants to invest in – especially when it comes to windows of unusual shape or size that cannot be covered.

Did You Know That…
Did you know that you might be losing 25 to 50 percent of the energy you put into heating or cooling your home – through your windows?

Or that your furniture and interior décor may last longer if ‘covered’ from the outside light with shutters?

A lot of homeowners don’t know these things – and how our custom specialty shutters help them invest in an energy-efficient home. We take pride in designing shutters with pockets of air into the louver and frame. That is a construction that eliminates any risk from heat gain during the summer months and one that makes your home energy efficient.

Not only do our custom wood shutters prevent overheating in your home – they also help reflecting the heat from the sun’s strong rays outside your home!

Top Quality Custom Shutters For Every One Of Your Irregular Shaped Windows
Our team of experts at Maggie’s shutters in California know something you don’t. And that is…

When it comes to custom specialty wood shutters – proper design, sure fit and easy installation are things that don’t just come our of the box. It takes an experienced custom shutters company to tailor each solution to every window and make it fit. And although sometimes two of your windows may look exactly the same, their measurements can be off just enough to ruin your day.

Therefore, window treatment is definitely something you should invest in, if you want a safe and energy-efficient home. Our knowledge and experience on the marketplace therefore make us a great fit when it comes to custom specialty wood shutters.

Your #1 Choice For Custom Specialty Shutters In California
At Maggie’s shutters, we pride on the personalized service and competitive pricing – two aspects that we always make sure to deliver. After all, it definitely makes sense to treat all your doors and windows with custom specialty wood shutters. If you want a fast and courteous service – call us today for FREE over the phone or contact us directly from our website.

Let us impress you with our quality, service, selection and professionalism – and create great-looking and functional custom shutters for your home! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


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