If there is one name that stands out in terms of handcrafted and customized wood shutters, it is only Maggies Shutters. The proof of this is in homes all over Southern California that have been provided with the best window fashion solutions from this shutters, blinds, and shades industry leader.

The proof is in the Southern California homes patronizing Maggies Shutters
Wood shutters effectively keep out all light, heat, and noise. For added privacy or to add more beauty to windows and the home in general, the custom measured quality, durable, and affordable shutters are the perfect window solutions to every home.

Handcrafted wood shutters are surprisingly affordable with Maggies Shutters
You will be surprised at who the majority of Maggies Shutters customers are. That is because for over 60 years our shutters have always been affordable. This affordability comes with all the handcrafted high quality, unique design, construction process, and superior customer service that you would expect from other big name shutter manufactures.

If you find it hard to believe, you might want to find out for yourself and call Maggies Shutters for a Free In-home consultation at (888) 782-1587.

Basswood proves to be the best material for wood shutters
Other shutters companies will offer you cheap and pre-manufactured plastic or vinyl material shutters. Many of these composite materials are imported in from China. Dont be tempted by the affordable price you may be quoted for these composite shutters as you will sacrifice the quality and durability of a Maggies Shutter. Maggies handcrafted customized wood shutters are purposely built using strong, sturdy, and durable materials. This is the main reason why we are far superior to our nearest competition.

Wood shutters last up to 10 years and beyond, guaranteed
Our customers all over Southern California can attest to this fact. This guarantee is not given lightly and is neither taken lightly as well. Quality product and quality service come together rightly. Basswood is proven resistant to warping or stains because of its closed pore hardwood and terrific grain and low resin characteristics. The three dowel construction combined with a Tight Bond Glue prevents separation or sagging, which provides long term durability and overall a solid shutter door.

Each handmade wood shutter has an ultra violet protection coating in the primer. This means that each wood shutter will not fade easily. You will find that our superior finish is easy to clean and requires little to no maintenance.

Soundproofing and energy savings
Less heat and light entering means great savings for energy bills. Outside noise is kept down to a minimum or entirely eradicated, giving the home a quiet atmosphere. The shutters can even be used as customized wall decorations, room dividers, and even closet doors.

Why consider a Chinese-made or other imported shutter when a company like Maggies Shutters can give your home quality handcrafted wood shutters at reasonable prices call today to see the Maggies difference.


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