Improve Your Home and Save Money

Saving immediately brings to mind a very frugal living, compromising on lifestyles and buying cheaper things. But it doesn't have to be this way. You can still save a great deal and yet improvise on your lifestyle by adopting a few changes. You do not necessarily have to go overboard in your effort to save money, but only a few penny-wise tactics to cut expenses will allow you to save a lot of money as well as work positively for home improvement. Though home improvement seems like a large expenditure, but in the long run they help you save a lot of money. Here are 5 most simple, cost effective tricks that will bring the energy consumption down and will see to it that your tax savings go up.


  • Replace the air filters: Proper maintenance of heating and cooling appliances ensure a smooth running and cost efficiency of the appliance. Uninterrupted free flowing air in the piece of equipment reduces energy consumption. Cleaning of the air filters regularly will make the devices more energy efficient, allowing a sizeable reduction in the utility bills.

  • Cut down on the water bill: Convert the plumbing fixtures to the low flow kinds, which will help in reduction of water consumption and wastage, thereby reducing your water bill.

  • Seal the heating ducts: Improperly sealed or insulated ducts contribute to high energy bills. Sealing the ducts to prevent leaks will improve the functioning of the appliance as well as add to the savings.

  • Seal gaps and openings: The use of expanding foam, caulk, fiber glass and tape to make sure that air is not escaping from doors and windows is an inexpensive and effective measure to improve energy efficiency.

  • Upgrade the window covering: A home already has a number of permanent, inbuilt devices for heating, cooling and lighting namely, the doors and windows. Appropriate treatment of these to reduce air loss can help you slash your energy consumption sizably. Shutter and window treatments from Maggie Shutters not only increase the energy efficiency and prevent air loss of your living space but also enhance the style, comfort and beauty of the room. Offering the widest and latest range in designs and types of shutters, blinds, windows and shades, Maggie Shutters is a popular choice for discerning home makers.

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