Custom Wood Shutters Are Great For Bathrooms


Custom Wood Shutters Are Great For Bathrooms

Despite how uncommon custom wood shutters are in homes, they are well-made and give off a major impression. The bathroom is the perfect place to incorporate custom wood shutters. If you live in a historical district and want to match your surroundings, custom wood shutters are perfect. If you’re not an experienced interior designer, here are a few reasons why you should utilize custom interior wood shutters.

Peace and Privacy

Because the shutters are made out of thick wood, they will shut out all of the light and provide an extra barrier for sound. Custom wood shutters are great for the bathroom and provide you an opportunity to take a bath in privacy, while still getting fresh air through the shutters. There is no chance of an accidental opening of your shutters, due to an accidental breeze or slight vibration.

Easy to Clean

Unlike some materials, such as vinyl or plastic, you don’t need to worry about the difficulty of cleaning off dirt or dust from them. With wood shutters, it's anything, but difficult to ventilate the restroom and keep up your security. Essentially open the window and close the screens. This simplicity of ventilation is additionally valuable on cleaning day when cleaning chemicals can turn hazardous in the little restroom space.

Water Repellent

Being able to stand up to constant moisture in the air from using the bathroom shower and bath is important for all furniture and fixtures. Getting water-resistant wood shutters can help you avoid dealing with mold or mildew. Window treatments in Los Angeles

Maggie's Custom Wood Shutters


Since 1949, Maggie's Shutters has been providing high quality wooden shutters at affordable prices. For three generations we have honored our traditions by crafting the best quality shutters, blinds, and shades and our experience shows in our work and customer service.

specialize in treated wood shutters. There’s always a risk for other materials, such as plastic or vinyl, to harbor bacteria and rot.

Natural Décor

Even if you don’t live in a neighborhood where classic wood shutters, such as plantation style shutters, are common, wood shutters are a great neutral interior addition to your bathroom. They’re not too bold, but also capable of warming up a room and adding that elegant style that you’ve always wanted.

Personal Customization

You can customize the look you want with custom wood shutters. This can be an opportunity to add your own personal touch and really set your bathroom apart from everyone else. You can likewise design your shutters in a way to match existing patterns or styles in your home, including the overall size of the shutters.

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