7 Essential Décor Items Every Bathroom Needs

Like all the other locations of our home, bathroom requires equal importance to look unique and elegant. Fortunately, we live in a time where we have a variety of ideas for bathroom décor to achieve this desired purpose. From DIY bathroom mirrors to green pots and plants, we can beautify our bathrooms more than ever. So, to provide our readers the knowledge of some must-have décor items, we have compiled a list of “7 Essential Décor Items Every Bathroom Needs”, they are:

  • DIY Bathroom Mirrors: A simple décor item for bathrooms is a DIY bathroom mirror. The shape, size and color, all depend upon the theme of your bathroom. If it’s a plain white theme then you can have oval or circular shaped mirrors with their exterior being plain white. Similarly if your bathroom has a vintage design, the mirrors should also be in the confinements of that design.

  • Bold Typography: Typography attracts attention. An amazing way to make your bathroom unique is to place bold typography above and over your bathroom items. Beautiful fonts and colors will also play an important role while making use of this décor item.

  • Hand Towels: A perfect bathroom always consists of hand towels. If you have not placed them yet then you are missing out. Hand towels should match the color scheme of your bathroom and there should be at least a couple of them present at the same time on beautiful hooks or other DIY holding equipment.

  • Storage Shelves: Storage shelves add a completely new perspective to your bathroom. Since they are not so much common for bathrooms, they provide a unique vibe to the guests. Also, storage shelves provide you the comfort of storing laundry items, spare hand towels and all the excess bathroom supplies.

  • Art: Beautiful artwork provides a tranquil sense to your guests. They add meaning to this location of your home and makes it interesting to visit. Place the artwork above the sink or somewhere it will be most visible to your guests.

  • Terra-Cotta Floor: Handmade terra-cotta tiles really make your floor look vibrant and adds a new flavor to the décor of your bathroom. Once again, the colors should be chosen wisely to match the style and design of your bathroom.

  • Green Pots and Plants: Want to add a natural element to your bathroom? Greenery serves the purpose perfectly. Place a few plants around your bathroom to make it look greener and environment friendly.

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