5 Tips to Clean Your Home Windows

Windows are the eyes to your home. They invite the bright sunshine into your home and fill your home with lots and lots of natural light. But uncleaned windows look dull, messy and unappealing. Not only this, they also leave a bad impact of your home on your visitors and guests, along with deteriorating the overall image of your home. So, if you have unclean windows, you have got a problem that you need to get rid of as soon as possible. But you are not on your own since we are here to help you. In this post we have compiled a list of 5 Tips to Clean Your Home Windows, to bring the brightness back into your home with crystal clear clean windows.

  • Remove the Dust: The first simple yet efficient tip is to remove the dust off your windows. Use a dry cloth to do this and remove the dust from each and every corner of your windows. Removing the dust before making use of water eliminates the chance of dust being mixed with water to further stick on the windows and become difficult to be removed. This is why a dry cloth can easily serve our desired purpose of removing off the dust while the windows are still dry.

  • Wash Your Windows using a Sponge: After removing the dust, it is a good idea to apply a mixture of soap and water using a sponge and scrub your windows thoroughly. Scrub in a definite pattern to properly cover the whole panes, find and scrub off the dirt marks which might have not been eliminated by the dry cloth. Use lots of soapy water to make such marks come off easily while cleaning.

  • Wipe Away the Excess Water with a Squeegee: Once the scrubbing is completed, the next thing you need to do is the wiping of your windows. The excess water due to scrubbing needs to be wiped off to make your windows dry. Use a squeegee of the appropriate size to wipe off this excess water. At this point your windows will start to look cleaner than ever.

  • Dry Off with a Cloth: After wiping away the excess soapy water, once again you need to use a dry cloth to make your windows dry. Since your work is nearly complete, you need to take a final look for dirt spots or any dust on the corners of your windows you might have missed before. After drying off properly, your work is done.

  • Make Use of a Cloudy Day: Although sunlight is better to spot the dirt on your windows but since it dries up the water quickly leaving streaks on the glass, so a nice side tip to note is that a good ‘cleaning your windows’ day is a cloudy day.

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