5 Theme Party Ideas for Labor Day

Where did the summer go?! Since the end of one of the most favorite season is well in sight, its gives us all the more reasons to enjoy one last time. To honor the Labor Day, nothing can beat an amazing backyard BBQ party. So, gather your friends and family, arrange a party, and no matter whether your party is inside or outside, have the unique and perfect decoration. So, to give some theme party ideas to our readers for Labor Day, we have compiled a list of “5 Theme Party Ideas for Labor Day”.

  • The Blue Collar Holiday: Since this holiday is a dedication to the Labor of the country, to all those fathers, brothers and husbands who do blue collar jobs all the year round, therefore, a great theme can be the inclusion of jeans in the decoration. This way, you will carry on the long tradition and integrate Denim in your decorations. To make the theme further unique, you can make use of the color red and white to make your party an All-American BBQ.

  • DIY Labor Day Bar: Well, because Labor Day is a holiday, you wouldn’t want to work so hard. Therefore, you can simply create DIY bar of different varieties such as a Hot Dog Bar, Cocktail Bar or Build Your Own Burger Bar. This way, there would be no cooking or cleaning involved and you wouldn’t have to work a lot.

  • Last White of the summer: Until the next Memorial Day, Labor Day is your last chance to wear white. So, a party with an All-White theme can be planned. With the guests dressed in white, from decorations to foods such as desserts, can also all be white.

  • Nautical Party: This party theme encourages you to party like you own a yacht and you are its captain. Decorate your home with ornaments and decorations which go with your theme. Have lots and lots of seafood for your guests and in the end, have a bonfire in your backyard. Make it all seem like a magical yacht party.

  • Seafood Fiesta: This theme is all about seafood. A great tradition of the coasts is to bake and grill seafood, and then gather a lot of people to celebrate Labor Day. Following this tradition, you can have a variety of seafood, from fish to shrimp and lobster to crab. Enjoy the holiday with your loved ones!

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