5 Safety Tips for 4th of July

The 4th of July is approaching, coming with it is time of festivities and colorful fireworks. Adults and children alike, enjoy the fireworks with patriotism. But a little safety is always important while celebrating any festival or holiday. Considering the fact that fireworks are prone to fire, necessary precautions should be taken on handling them and to properly place them in the dump once completely used. A little safety is always better than being sorry. So, to guide our readers, we have compiled here a list of 5 safety tips for 4th of July, you should take while celebrating this year’s Independence Day:

  • Be Cautious: Caution is always a good practice while handling fragile and flammable material. Fireworks being highly flammable, able to easily melt glass, should always be used with caution. Children should only be able to use fireworks under the close supervision of adults. A better and safe alternative to fireworks is a glow stick, parents should encourage their children to use glow sticks instead of fireworks.

  • Practice Safety Guidelines: A pack of fireworks come with safety guidelines, they should be strictly followed. Fireworks should never be used indoors or taken near wooden areas or flammable substances. They should always be observed from a distance and should never be pointed to a house or person.

  • Overstocking is not a Good Idea: Some people prefer buying fireworks in bulk due to discounts. This is not a good practice to follow because the fireworks are then stocked in store rooms or garages where when children get access to, can use them unsupervised, increasing the likelihood of an unfavorable event.

  • Public Displays are better: A great practice to decrease the likelihood of an unwanted event is to go to a public display of fireworks instead of using them individually at your home. The use of fireworks on public displays are supervised and controlled, making it safe for you and your family to attend.

  • Keep a Plan B Ready: Incase things don’t pan out as you would have wanted them to be, always keep a Plan B ready. While using fireworks, always keep a fire extinguisher or a bucket full of water readily available. Always have a First Aid kit at your home and if a burn is severe, immediately report to the nearest Emergency Center.

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