Halloween is just around the corner and it is that time of the year when families across the US start to come up with witty ideas to make their Halloween party look unique than all the other ones in their neighborhood. Also, it is the time in fall when Trick-or-Treat is the mantra of all children with a night to collect lots of candies. So, to provide you some fantastic Halloween party ideas even if you have or haven’t planned your Halloween party yet, in this post, we have compiled an interesting list of “13 Halloween Party Ideas”.

1. Decorate the Venue: Just like any other theme party, your Halloween party requires you to decorate your home with the appropriate decorations. Whether you are arranging a party for adults only or for families with small children, make sure to decorate accordingly.

2. Play Halloween Games: There are a number of Halloween games which you can let your guests, especially children, indulge in. These games include Snake Eyes, Pumpkin Pickin’, Cookie Stack, and Ghost Marshmallow Toss, Pin the Spider on the Web, and Follow the Ball.

3. Make Amazing Foods: Make some amazing foods by making them creepy yet tasty. The food can include sandwiches, pastries, standard cheese and crackers, and brownies.

4. Stir up Exotic Drinks: To help your guests quench their thirsts, stir up Mr. Hyde cocktail for adults that include aromatic herbs, vodka, and blackberry liqueur. Whereas serve the children fruit-flavored soda with colorful striped straws.

5. Have Your Own Trick-or-Treat Station: To give away lots of candies to the children at your party, you definitely need to have your own Trick-or-Treat station. Arrange to a give variety of candies and make kids happy by letting them choose their favorite ones.

6. Make Mummy Candy Cans: As a giveaway for all the guests, create your own DIY mummy candy cans which you can fill with lots of candies.

7. Set up a Corn Pinata: Who doesn’t like a piñata? Well, your Halloween party deserves to have one of the corn pinatas which kids love to bash. So by setting up a corn piñata, give them a chance to rejoice even more while at your party.

8. Hang a Few Bats: Decorate the entrance and your backyard with foam bats. They are a reusable and weatherproof decoration that you can use multiple times over the years.

9. Give Away Trick-or-Treat Tote Bags: If you don’t have the time to create your own DIY mummy candy cans, then you can buy customized Trick-or-Treat tote bags online. This bags will the serve the same purpose as the DIY mummy candy cans, i.e. letting kids carry their candies.

10. Serve Healthy Snacks: With so much candy around, your guests might be interested in eating something healthy. Therefore, fix them up some Halloween chips and dip to have what they would really want.

11. Indulge Kids in Helping You Decorate: Letting kids help you in decorating your home would help them develop a sense of excitement for their own Halloween party. Instead of fretting over it, most kids enjoy helping out their parents in such party decorations.

12. Have a Devilish Snack Table: To serve the snack mentioned previously, you need to set up a devilish snack table. Make it look unique yet spooky and within reach of the kids.

13. Make the Entrance Spooky: Your entrance is the place from where your party would start for your guests, therefore, apply as many spooky decorations as you can on the entrance to give out a spooky vibe.


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